Trick to Buy vintage style clothes

vintage clothes
vintage clothes

Trick to Buy vintage style clothes. Vintage style again popular among young people today. Vintage is defined as new or second-hand clothes are manufactured in 1920 and 1980. Style is of course a classic silhouette, safe to use for an elegant look.

To the extent that the United States first lady, Michelle Obama appeared in public with a vintage style. Vintage increasingly popular and are also hunted.

Actually, you can get vintage dress in fashion boutiques are now also being to display the room with vintage goods as the product of the latest trends. Even a special website vintage style clothes, offered in the new material.

But it seems, is becoming less vintage, people prefer to find these retro clothing at thrift stores and also online, with varying prices. And sometimes expensive because classic.

To obtain high quality used clothing, there are a few trick to buy vintage style clothes that need attention. How to measure quality, it should be by looking directly so you can feel how strong the fabric material.

Clothing that may have been stored for years usually will shrink the fabric strength, though not in use. You also might as well try to do right in the body or not.

If there are deficiencies in the garment, such as stains, problems with buttons, or other parts, you can try to fix it in the place of purchase. Usually these boutiques provide repair services without additional cost.

However, if you place your order online, learn about the site's return policy. Check whether there is a full size in each of his items. As long dress, size of the chest, hips, waist, arms, and shoulders. This is the most important.

Choose vintage clothing with good quality for your investment. If you get a less good, wear on certain occasions, in order to remain durable clothing. Hopefully, this Trick to Buy vintage style clothes can help you to keep fashionable :)
vintage style clothee
vintage style

Priscilla Chan wedding dress price

Priscilla Chan wedding dress
Priscilla Chan wedding dress

Priscilla Chan wedding dress price is not expensive. Priscilla Chan is not difficult to buy super expensive dress when she married the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, this 27-year woman choosing a wedding dress with a simple model with price USD4.700.

Saturday, May 19, 2012, Priscilla Chan officially became the wife of Mark Zuckerberg. In the sacred ceremony, the bride look beautiful with a wedding dress valued at USD4.700. Were the work of designer clothing from the United States, Claire Pettibone.

Priscilla Chan uses the wedding dress of ivory silk, sequined, and covered with lace flowers from neck to toe. Chan was also wearing a thin white veil. The designer wedding dress, Pettibone said he did not know if the wedding gown will be charged in wife's Zuckerberg's wedding.

"We went to Disneyland to celebrate the birthday of my daughter who was five years old. When we got home, my husband was watching the news and see Mark Zuckerberg marriage. He said, 'Honey, that is your wedding dress.' Since then, Pettibone site visitors up to 10 times the usual," said Pettibone, as quoted from Dailymail.

Although Priscilla Chan wedding dress price is cheap, but her style look elegant and beauty, suit with Mark Zuckerberg.

Details Mrs Zuckerberg Wedding Gown

Priscilla Chan wedding gown
Priscilla Chan wedding gown

Details of Mrs. Zuckerber wedding gown. Marriage Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg make attention. With no previous news, he changed his status to "married to" Priscilla Chan. Wedding photos were displayed in Zuckerberg's Facebook account. They seem to hold a private party and simple.

Priscilla Chan looks pretty with wedding dress was not expensive for the size category of the boss FB with the wealth of almost U.S. $ 20 billion. Priscilla Chan wedding gown only for U.S. $ 4,700.

Mrs. Zuckerberg wore a white dress with floral motif lace detail which is the design of a designer from Los Angeles, Claire Pettibon. Silk dress was encrusted with sequins, featuring delicate cutouts from neck to toe.

A thin white veil also fell elegantly adorn the back of the head. Pettibon was not aware that the design will wedding dress worn by Chan.

"When I just got home and my husband saw the news about Mark's wedding, he said 'darling, darling, that wedding gown your design'," Pettibon said, as quoted from the Daily Mail.

According to People magazine, Mrs. Zuckerberg also do their own finishing touches on her wedding dress. The pair married after dating for nine years, it always looks simple and far from glamorous.
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