Attractive display with boyfriend Jacket

boyfriend jacket
boyfriend jacket
Masculine display was not only ogled the man alone, but also women. If you are interested in using it, boyfriend jacket to the right item to make attractive display.

Jacket was chosen men to accentuate the shoulders, chest, and cover the hips. However, innovation in the fashion industry that the jacket can be rolled into interesting fashion choice for women use.

Boyfriend Jacket, one of them. These items now comes back and is a favorite of women. Renowned designers such as Dries Van Noten, Donna Karan, and Stella McCartney were showed for this season.

"Influenced by the style of retro era of the 1980s, a large clothing and can cover the shape of the body become very popular. That's the reason for any major label release clothes that make women look as if they are using fashion lover," says designer Wan Jung, as quoted from the Chosun .

Although looks attractive and makes trendy, you need to keep careful to choose a fashion. However, you should still be careful to select it. Because the boyfriend jacket has a loose size and can accentuate the shoulders. This type of jacket can make legs look shorter or the overall appearance to be ugly.

Jeong Hye-young, chief designer at Mogg, said because the boyfriend jacket is different from other conventional jacket. To look more trendy, you can roll up to the top of the arm and combine it with a T-shirt and leggings for maximum display.
"This jacket can display the side of masculinity. Therefore, it could be the best choice when paired with feminine items, like a chiffon blouse or mini dress by sophicicated view," she concluded.


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