engagement ring replaced with a tattoo

engagement ring
engagement ring

Most of the people who will pass through phase of the wedding has the engagement experience. Engagement meant as a symbolic bond that both prospective bride is serious to continue the relationship into marriage, and usually marked with an engagement ring.

But, in the more modern era, an engagement ring began to be replaced with a tattoo. Finger painting with tattoos as a sign has been engaged to begin is often based on today's young couples.

As quoted by page Shine, started a lot of tattoos were considered to represent a symbolic bond that can not be solved. Even if the marriage was not carried out, the tattoo would not be easily removed, while the engagement ring, it will be more easily removed from the finger.

Kim Clijsters, former world number one tennis player from Belgium, is one celebrity who makes a tattoo as change engagement ring. He said, had tattooed on his ring finger style engagement Wimbledon and became more popular and much imitated people.

Not only as a substitute for an engagement ring, for some newlyweds, a simple ribbon motif tattoos are also often the choice. While others, choose the intricate work of art, including patterns, initials, symbols, and the wedding date.

When compared with an engagement ring or wedding ring, tattoo prices are much cheaper, even more permanent.


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