Kate Middleton wore Olympics necklace

Kate Middleton Olympics necklace
Kate Middleton Olympics necklace

The world's greatest sporting event will be held in London, England. The enthusiasm of the locals are now beginning to hit against the event, not least by members of the royal family of England, Duchess of Cambridge or Kate Middleton.

When attending an event held at the National Potrait Galerry, wife of Prince William appears simple but still stunning everyone.

By wearing a blue dress designer Stella McCartney, Kate Middleton complementary her appearance with white and yellow strand necklace gold is diamond-studded Cartier. The necklace is unique because it looks circular loop consisting of four small and one large circle as a pendant, similar to the Olympic symbol consists of five interlocking circles.

The necklace is known for USD 78 thousand. However, as quoted from the People, the kingdom declined to comment if fancy necklace worn by Kate, are associated to the Olympics this summer. According to them, the jewelry is a personal collection of the Duchess of Cambridge.

"The necklace was indeed owned by the Duchess of Cambridge for a long time, it's personal collection, so it is not the official stuff from the Olympics," said a spokesman for the St. James palace.


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